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A stream or recording of the funeral service creates the opportunity for your relatives and friends to be there virtually.

Saying goodbye together - everyone invited can join in

For many, saying goodbye today can mean that only the closest family and friends can attend the funeral on site. Some who would have liked to come may be left out for reasons of physical distance. A moment of conscious saying goodbye is an essential part of coping with grief. A livestream or recording of the funeral service creates the opportunity for your relatives and friends, no matter where in the world, to be there together virtually.
We know the need for necessary restraint and piety on such an occasion. That’s why we accompany the event discreetly with the camera to emphasize the dignified setting. In addition, we are happy to support you with a variety of technical options such as projectors, large monitors or audio equipment for good sound for the individual design of the funeral service.
We are happy to take care of the execution in cooperation with the funeral home of your choice, so that you do not have to worry about the details.

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It was a strangely lonely, final feeling to stand at this grave and pay my father’s last respects far too soon. His daughter and many friends and family members would have liked to come to say their goodbyes in person, but were not allowed to travel due to travel and gathering restrictions. In any case, because of the pandemic, we were not allowed to hug, accommodate or feed anyone. Thanks to BSS, they were there live in England, Poland, the Czech Republic, France and all over Germany on his last journey. Despite all the distance, we felt connected and felt their sympathy. Thank you, Daniel and Armin, on behalf of the whole family for making this possible.”

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