Case for the ATEM Mini Extreme with monitor

*Picture shows case with optional ATEM Mini Extreme

Red dotCase for ATEM Mini Extreme

The all-in-one mobile streaming setup case for ATEM Mini Extreme video mixers by Blackmagic Design

Three in one – one handle and everything is there. ATEM Mini Extreme Video mixer 1, 15-inch FullHD monitor, power supply – and all this handy, compact and transportable stowed away.

All accessories for your stream

Configure the case for the ATEM Mini Extreme with all the features you need for your stream. Available in the two versions Basic and Professional.

Which case type are you?

BSS Case for the ATEM Mini Extreme - the streaming setup

the versatile

Everything you need is included and its options can be tailored to your needs. With a 15-inch full HD monitor and a second HDMI out, for example for connecting a projector. Including headphone connection for listening to your stream and optional features such as USB charging socket or battery connection.

BSS Case Professional for the ATEM Mini Extreme - the complete streaming setup

the complete

Equal to frequent loads – the Professional leaves nothing to be desired. 15-inch full HD monitor, high-quality NEUTRIK sockets and the thermostat-controlled, whisper-quiet fan make it a workstation. With two or four optionally integrated SDI converters, your professional equipment can be connected directly . Other features include the USB charging socket and the battery connection, which makes you independent of the power supply – and all of this is compactly integrated in the stable case.

Basic Professional
430x380x154mm 430x380x154mm
about 7.5-7.9kg 14 approx. 7.5 - 8.2 kg 14
from 1199.- from 1399.-
430x380x154mm 430x380x154mm
about 7.5-7.9kg 14 approx. 7.5 - 8.2 kg 14
from 1199.- from 1399.-
Find out more about the Basic case
Learn more about the Professional case

All further information, options and technical details of our cases

15-inch full HD monitor 3

Director’s monitor always with you. Simply open and switch on and you have an overview of all your video and audio channels. With 15-inch you get the maximum size with compact case dimensions. And all this without extra wiring or additional effort. The monitor will detect your ATEM input signal and turn on automatically with ATEM Mini Extreme.
In addition, the monitor video signal from HDMI output 1 is also available on the back of the case. You can, for example, supply a large control room display directly with the program overview of the input channels.
In addition, the display offers various setting options above corresponding button. These are easily accessible on the right side of the monitor .

Fatigue-free view thanks to the ergonomically adjustable screen

Easily adjustable to the optimal viewing angle. Regardless of the height at which your case is placed, you can adjust the monitor to the ergonomically optimal viewing angle with a flick of the wrist. This allows you to “relax” your mix, even if the stream lasts longer. A reinforcement frame made of powder- coated stainless steel ensures sufficient stability in the lid and two strong neodymium magnets keep the monitor in place in sleep mode.

Small features make the difference

Magnetic holders fix the screen securely in the end position. If the lid is accidentally closed with the monitor folded out, there are extra soft impact surfaces for cushioning.

Magnetic holder for the monitor in the BSS Case for the ATEM Mini Extreme

The controls and adjustment elements for adjusting the monitor exactly to your viewing habits are located on the right side of the housing. These are easily accessible because the monitor can be folded down wide.

Site Map Basic Case for ATEM Mini Extreme

Especially when it has to be fast – all connections of the ATEM Mini Extreme are easily accessible with stable sockets on two sides of the case. And there is still room for even more extras and fixtures!
The case for the ATEM Mini Extreme in front view

The central on/off switch is located on the front, as well as the ergonomically arranged and easily accessible 3.5 mm stereo connection for your headphones. Optionally also available in 6.35 mm version. With the stable handle you have the case safely under control.

Rear view of the BSS Case for the ATEM Mini Extreme with HDMI and USB-C connections

All eight video inputs and outputs 5 as well as the two USB-C connections are equipped with stable sockets on the back and are easily accessible. And if one of them has reached its maximum number of mating cycles in daily use, then it can be easily replaced.

The BSS case for the ATEM Mini Extreme in the left side view

Simply plugged in directly – the internal power supply provides enough power to supply all integrated components and still has reserves for optional extensions 6. You can use unbalanced stereo line signals at the two audio inputs 7 directly into your broadcast and with the Ethernet connection, your Internet access for your streams is securely connected via cable. Optionally, there is still space for the USB charging socket and the battery connection.

The BSS case for the ATEM Mini Extreme in the right side view

Even when it gets hot – with the integrated fan, the built-in components keep a “cool head”, which they thank you with a longer service life! And for everyone who likes it whisper-quiet – a thermostat regulates the speed of the professional case depending on the inside temperature of the case.

The case for the ATEM Mini Extreme - front and rear view when set up.

Compact & robust

Brings its transport protection with the stable hard-shell case. A robust solution instead of lugging two containers for the components or a bulky flight case. The components are safely stowed away in the BSS case for the ATEM Mini Extreme, so nothing falls out and the case is always securely closed with the two retaining clips during transport.
In addition, the size of just 430x380x154mm is optimally adapted to the ATEM Mini Extreme. Everything is included with enough space for extensions. With a total weight of only 7.5 kg, it remains extremely compact and transportable.

Product versions in comparison

ATEM Mini Extreme Case Basic

The basic case includes all connections of the ATEM Mini Extreme Pro / ISO with audio and headphone connection in 3.5 mm jack design. All connections are routed to the outside on the back and left side of the case. The HDMI output 1 is available as a duplicated monitor signal on the back of the case.

ATEM  Mini Extreme Case Professional

The audio connections of the Professional Case for ATEM Mini are designed as XLR sockets with a cable from Sommer Cable and a lockable 6.35 mm jack socket is installed as a headphone connection. In addition, connection sockets from Neutrik AG are installed. The fan speed is thermostat-controlled. The HDMI output 1 is available as a duplicated monitor signal on the back of the case.

Bring on your ATEM Mini  Extreme!

Do you have an existing ATEM Mini Pro Extreme or ATEM Mini Pro ISO Extreme?

Then you can install it yourself with a little technical understanding and manual skills. Simply select the inexpensive BSS case variant “without ATEM Mini Extreme” under “Configure now”.

In our assembly and operating instructions on the download page you will find detailed instructions for installation. And if you are not sure about the self-installation, then contact our service in advance, we will be happy to advise you.

Install the ATEM Mini in the BSS Case by screwing the clamps with a Phillips screwdriver
Shows the service button on a BSS case for the ATEM Mini as an icon

Our service

We develop our products with a view to high reliability and a long service life. However, always in the name of technical innovation to offer you the best possible performance. Therefore, we welcome your feedback, ideas or suggestions for improvement regarding the ATEM Mini case.

But what if you already own a case and a technical innovation was unfortunately not yet available at the time of ordering?

We design our products to be as compatible as possible for future expansions. Therefore, if necessary, contact us and we will clarify with you the possibility and costs for retrofitting or conversion.

Best streaming performance with the ATEM case  Mini extremes

To help you achieve the best streaming performance with the ATEM Mini case, we’ve put together technical information and experience for you on our blog. Ultimately, the sum of all necessary parameters leads to a good overall result.

The complete overview of all posts can be found under our technology blog.

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Configure your BSS case

In the next step, you can configure the BSS case for the ATEM Mini Extreme according to your requirements and determine the price.

Daniel Breitenbücher smiling friendly at the camera

Daniel Breitenbücher

Open communication and personal contact with you are important values that create trust. Values that are also reflected in only promising what we are able to deliver.

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      Daniel Breitenbücher smiling friendly at the camera

      Daniel Breitenbücher

      Open communication and personal contact with you are important values that create trust. Values that are also reflected in only promising what we are able to deliver.

      1 ATEM Mini is a compact four-channel video mixer from the company Blackmagic Design Pty. ltd
      2 Installing ATEM Mini requires technical understanding and some manual dexterity. If necessary, please contact our service before purchasing. We are happy to help.
      For more information on how to install an ATEM Mini yourself, please visit our download area, – User Manual .
      3 Field monitor supports 4K image sizes, ATEM Mini Pro / ISO supports HDMI resolutions up to 1080p.
      4 These functions can be activated via the software menu on the screen.
      5 4x HDMI input 1080p, 1x HDMI output, 1x USB-C as webcam or for ISO recordings (only with ATEM Mini Pro ISO).
      6 Eg for integrated SDI converter in the BSS Case Professional.
      7 ATEM Mini Audio Input accepts unbalanced stereo audio signals directly. The connection of balanced signal sources, such as dynamic microphones, is not easily possible and may require external signal converters (balanced to unbalanced). For more information, see our BSS Case for ATEM Mini user guide on our downloads page or in the Forum of ATEM Mini manufacturer Blackmagic Design Pty. ltd.
      8 Total weight of the Basic Case, up to 4.2 kg for Professional Case with SDI option.
      9 pulse width modulated speed control – whisper quiet operation.
      10 All sockets in the housing are components of the company Neutrik AG , with the exception of the system-related USB-C socket.
      11 HDMI-SDI Micro Converter by the company Blackmagic Design Pty. ltd
      12 With this option, the case is only available ready-to-use with the ATEM Mini Pro / ISO installed due to the compact space available.
      13 The effective charging current depends on the coordination between the connected devices, the battery charge status, the connection cable and other parameters and can therefore differ.
      14 Weight includes ATEM Mini (optional) and varies with additional options. You can find an exact indication of the individual weight under the product data in our configurator .

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