BSS Case for ATEM Mini

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The mobile all-in-one streaming setup case for the ATEM Mini video mixer from Blackmagic Design. Compact, portable, robust and adaptable to your requirements with optional extensions!

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– 1 x BSS case – 1 x mains connection cable 1.80 m with Schuko plug (CEE 7/7)

Product weight: 3.20 - 4.69 kg (depending on the options selected) Packaging weight: 1.44 - 2.17 kg Statistical goods number: 8517 62 00

Delivery time: 10 business days

Configure the case for the ATEM Mini – a complete streaming setup with integrated 10-inch monitor and power supply unit for the ATEM Mini series from Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. Depending on your requirements, equipped with high-quality Neutrik sockets and a pulse-width-regulated fan control for whisper-quiet operation (Professional version). It comes in a sturdy case with an integrated power supply and transport protection. It is also available with or without ATEM Mini Pro / ISO. From the particularly inexpensive Economic version to the case for the ATEM SDI, the case can be individually configured to suit your specific application. For example, the Professional Case can be upgraded with two optional SDI inputs and is also available with a USB charging socket and 12V battery connection. And all this is easily transportable with compact dimensions.

Detailed information about the case

All further information about the case can be found at: BSS-Case ATEM Mini.

The complete product overview on two pages: our catalog sheet.

Brief Overview Technology

The standard version of the BSS case includes all analog connections of the ATEM Mini Pro / ISO with audio and headphone connection in 3.5 mm jack version. All connections are routed to the outside on the back and left side of the case. HDMI output 1 is available as a duplicated monitor signal on the rear of the case (on the SDI case, this signal is available on OUT2). Configure the BSS case for the ATEM Mini using the following list of standard and optional options (various options available depending on the case type).

Integrated power supply 5A
Fan – PWM thermostat controlled (Professional/SDI)
3,5mm Headphone Jack (Economic/Basic)
XLR Audio Jacks (Professional/SDI)
6.35mm Headphone Jack (Basic (Option)/Professional/SDI)
Socket version “Neutrik” (Professional/SDI)
HDMI output 1 on case back (OUT2 for SDI-Case)
Optionally available: ATEM Mini Extreme Pro (ISO)
Optionally available: 2x 3G SDI converter (Professional)
Optionally available: USB-A charging socket (Basic/Professional/SDI)
Optionally available: 3/8 inch mounting connector (Basic/Professional/SDI)
Optionally available: 12V battery connection with UPS function (Basic/Professional/SDI)
Weight 3,7 kg
Dimensions 330 × 280 × 120 mm
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