Battery operation with the ATEM Mini

First of all: The “battery connection” does not replace the mains connection in the BSS case but is optional  to  accessible. 

V-mount batteries with dual use

The “battery connection” option for the BSS case opens up completely new possibilities for conducting a live stream independently of the power supply.
In order to be able to run battery operation with the ATEM Mini, batteries with a correspondingly large capacity and the required 5 A continuous current rating are ideally suited. Especially professional camera batteries, also called V-Mount or Gold-Mount (Anton Bauer) batteries, often meet these criteria. In addition to the docking connection for the camera supply, many offer a so-called D-TAP output with 12 V-14.4 V voltage. Of this three-pole output, however, only two poles (the center pole (+) and the one to the right or left of it (both (-)) are actively used. Since D-TAP plugs have a two-pole, angled cable outlet, it can be plugged in from the right or left and thus choose the more suitable side for the cable routing.

6h live stream – with one battery charge

Since the BSS case with ATEM Mini, field monitor and SDI converters requires approx. 1.8 A of power in normal operation, a 98Wh/6.8Ah battery enables over 3 hours of live stream. With an iPad also connected to the USB charging port and a MacBook connected to the USB-C output of the ATEM Mini (approx. 2.6A power), this is still a 2h15min live stream in real operation. And various manufacturers offer batteries with up to 200Wh power. Roughly, good 6 hours of streaming are possible. Therefore lets  itself If you use a corresponding camera, you can also stream without an extra battery for the BSS case. Some matching V-mount batteries for battery operation with the ATEM Mini  are linked below.

Tap car battery

Since 12 V direct current is mainly used in motor vehicles  more sufficient power is available, the case can be operated with the vehicle connection cable via an on-board voltage socket. The multi-plug also fits into the slightly smaller cigarette lighter. All you have to do is remove the red cap sleeve with a slight twist. When using on-board sockets in trucks, it must be clarified before use that these only supply 12 V and not the 24 V that is usual there!

Other 12 V DC voltage sources such as power packs can also be used. The prerequisite is that these are stabilized and deliver the maximum required 5 A as a continuous load. Some simple (clocked) power supplies may not manage to put a case under full load (5 A) into operation despite the appropriate type label information. In such a case, all consumers that are not required must be disconnected from the case (e.g. from the optional USB-A connection) and only reconnected after the start.

Links to V-Mount batteries

In addition, the battery supply can also be used as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) during normal operation. If the power fails, the stream can continue without interruption via the battery-powered BSS case. If you also use your smartphone for tehering, i.e. the direct transmission of data to the network via the USB-C output of the ATEM Mini, you are completely independent of all power sources. At least as long as the batteries last 😉

Alternatively, if you have a USB-powered (LTE) router, you can use the optionally available USB-A charging socket as its power source. This charges or supplies corresponding devices with up to 2.3 A.

Front view BSS Case for the ATEM Mini with fuse and indicator LED

View of the front of the BSS Case for ATEM Mini. To the right of the on/off switch is the LED display for active battery operation and the 5A overload protection for the battery supply.

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