Audio cable for the BSS Professional Case

With the Professional Case, we install XLR sockets in the audio inputs for the sake of higher contact security. However, since the ATEM Mini has no balanced audio inputs (attention, the imprint “Mic” on the ATEM Mini can be deceiving), microphones or other balanced audio sources cannot be connected directly . (All information about the audio inputs on the ATEM Mini can be found under our blog article “Audio inputs on the case for the ATEM Mini“.)

Therefore, when using balanced outputs (usually recognizable by the XLR sockets and/ and the imprint “Balanced”) on a mixing console, a corresponding adapter cable is necessary. This Y-cable requires a special internal connection. For all those who like to solder themselves, the circuit principle can be found below. However, it is easier to purchase the right cable. Our recommendation for such a Y-cable is e.g. the Cordial EY 0.3 MFF elementsor the pro snake 90072 Y-Audiosplit cable
These are not particularly long, but can be extended with an ordinary microphone cable.

Should humming noises occur in the stream during this circuitry, then this is most likely due to potential differences of the individual devices (a balancing current flows in between). Then ATEM Mini and the corresponding audio device (mixing console, etc.) must be galvanically decoupled from each other. All information can also be found in our blog “Audio inputs on the case for the ATEM Mini“.

The right audio adapter cable for the ATEM Professional Case from BSS
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