Individual mounting options with ⅜  Inch threaded bush

The ⅜ inch (abbreviation for inch =(“)) threaded bushing in the BSS case opens up many new mounting options that can be of great use in different environments. The case can be attached to pipes, plates, rigs or directly to the camera tripod with various mounts, to name just a few of the options. We present some of these recordings to you here and also show you how to use them optimally. First you need a mount with a ⅜” external thread. These are typical in photo and video technology. Since the internal thread on the case is a bit backwards, it is best to use a mount with a thread length of at least 15 mm. The Manfrotto company offers a good and inexpensive mount with the adapter 014BIM from ⅜” external thread to ⅝” internal bore for mounting on a so-called spigot. This adapter has one ” thread length of 25  mm and a lock nut that can also be put on with a 14 mm metric open-end wrench. Such one ” Spigot pin, which serves as an interface for quick attachment, is available on many different tripods or holding arms. For attachment to the camera tripod, the same manufacturer offers a two- or three-part parallel arm under the code numbers 396AB-2 and 396AB-3, which has a load capacity of 5 kg or 4.5 kg and can therefore carry the case well. Since a spigot is installed on both sides, different adapter and attach clamp to it. With such an adjustable arm, the case can be attached directly to the (sturdy) camera tripod can be attached. Of course , the “usual suspects ” such as the well-known Superclamp 035 can also be adapted to it.

Boundary conditions for recordings and mounting arms to be able to securely hold the case.

  • Adapter or holderwith 3/8 ” inch UNC thread with a minimum length of 15 mm
  • Tripods or holding arms with a min. Load capacity from 3.5  kg (for Basic Economic) up to 5  kg (Professional Case with full equipment)

More information and all necessary technical data for 3/8 ” thread receptacle can be found here in our linked catalogue sheet, 3/8 ” threaded bushing

Adapter for the ⅜ inch mount on the BSS case
Manfrotto Adapter 014BIM

The matching inch spanner...

Just as an 8 mm open-end wrench is not suitable for a nut with an internal thread M8 (but one with 13 mm), a 3/8″ thread also requires the right inch wrench. The matching key for this is the size 9/16-inch (yes, right ;-)).

If you do not have this in the toolbox and do not want to procure it separately, you can also make do with a 14er spanner. 9/16″ corresponds exactly to 14.288 mm. Since the outer dimension of the nuts is usually somewhat tolerated into the minus, the said 14er spanner usually fits quite exactly.

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