SDI cable – handling made easy

With the high packing density of the SDI cables, it can happen that a fixed throw-over metal ring on the BNC connector can hardly be released from its seat with two fingers. Some manufacturers such as e.B. Sommer Cable offer SDI cables that have an additional plastic coupling ring (in the photo e.B. the yellow ring). Due to this additionally increased diameter and the longer grip surface, they are much easier to assemble and dismantle. Especially with closely adjacent sockets. Our recommendation, so that the handling is made easy!

cables are

usually sold under the name of the connector manufacturers e.B.
HICON, NEUTRIK® or Damar+Hagen.

Example of a 3G cable with a throw from Sommer Cable.

Similar to HDMI cables, there are also differences

in the “quality” of the transmission width of

SDI cables. For the connection to the ATEM Mini is sufficient cables with a 3G specification. Jhowever, there are also maximum transmission lengths here. Please note the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard.

With our ATEM Mini Case Professional with SDI option, the BNC connectors are placed at a sufficiently wide distance thanks to the Neutrik sockets. This makes it possible to work well.

SDI cable connection to an ATEM video mixer
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