HDMI – Input sensitivity on the ATEM Mini

With its four HDMI inputs, the ATEM Mini offers enough space for small or medium-sized live streams and recordings up to a resolution of 1080p60. Unfortunately, it often happens that signals are not recognized or only recognized on individual inputs of the ATEM Mini. This is mostly due to the HDMI cables. See our blog: HDMI cable when used with ATEM Mini
If this does not solve the problem, the following information can help to solve it.

Use input 1 for critical signal connections

What may at first appear as ATEM Mini bugs may well be intentional on the part of the manufacturer. HDMI input 1 on ATEM Mini has a higher sensitivity than inputs 2-4. Our measurements have shown that too. This so-called low-latency input should lead to the shortest possible time delay between video input and output, for example in online games. This leads to a maximum live experience. However, this function can also be used for video sources with a low signal level. Due to the higher input sensitivity of channel 1, this should be given priority at critical signal levels. Likewise, the longest HDMI cable (> 5m) should preferably be plugged into input 1.

Sometimes only a hard reset helps

In our experience, the ATEM Mini reacts to a too “wild” plugging of HDMI sources back and forth between the individual inputs with a special behavior at times: Signals that have already been played back are partially lost after plugging or plugging back to the previous channel no longer recognized. Then only a reset helps. Turn off ATEM Mini on the BSS case. If necessary, wait for some time until the capacitors in the ATEM have discharged their residual voltage (count slowly to ten… ????) and switch on again.

SDI – the better way

Since SDI connections do not perform any tuning prior to signal transmission (the signal is simply sent regardless of the receiver), they should be the first choice for critical signal paths. Our case for the ATEM Mini with SDI offers two such inputs. With these, transmission-secure connections can be easily implemented.

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